Anime Zonker

Anime Zonker

Some zonker with big eyes, easy to make different colors and materials…

Hook: Fullingmill #6 3x strong

Zonker, 3 Color rabbit zonker

Body, Large Chenille

Head, Loon UV-Glue and 6mm eyes.

Foam Extended Body Caddis

Long time nothing in here but now something, saw some extended body caddis on FB and made my own version 🙂

Hook, Mustad curved #14

Extended Body, Tied the foam on the need, added some hare mask on the foam.

Body, Attach the extra body and add some hare.

Underwing, Caddis Green CDC, half of the cdc feather on dupping loop.

Wing, Natural Deer.

Bling Damsel Nymph

Bling Damsel Nymph

Been while again, buts something new proto this time, blingbling damsel with large eyes and some extended body.

Hook, kamasan b100 #10

Eyes black bead chain

Extended tail/body, Hends Spectral flash, tied on needle with 3 spots of thread so it will hold the shape(added some super glue on the thread spots)

Body, some Hare dubbing

Head, extra from extended body to front and back to behind eyes where fly is finished.

Wet Fly Sumari Nymph

Wet Fly Sumari Nymph

Have been super busy with all orders and stuff… but here is one of latest Sumari nymph first hatch on here north every spring and this one is nymph of that… and next need to start training for upcoming fly tying event, next moth there will be the Finnish fly tying championship event again.

Hook, kamasan b810 #14

Tail, Wood Grouse, capercaillie.

Body, BG Body Stretch twisted twisted and twisted it gives nice segmented look.

Back, Pheasant tail.

Legs, goose biots, littlebit uv glue to keep those bends.

Front body, brown dubbing.

Head, same as tail.


Streamers Small Baitfish

Streamers Small Baitfish

Been super busy with the new web shop and have done lost of tying and sold lots of flies since i started my own company last month. Here is some of new patterns for small streamers bait fish and some perch patterns. Bought huge load of tying materials from great selection of all materials with great price!

Hook, Mustad r90 3x strong size 6

Tail, Cock feathers, for perch i used some green coq de leon cape and for other some grizzly.

Body part, stacks of BG polar flash and BG Baitfish dubbing, top and bottom. Top part longer and bottom shorter so the bottom hairs wont tangle on the hook.

Head, uv-glue and some small eyes.

Dry Fly Winged Grey

Dry Fly Winged Grey

Some winged dry fly that i tied last weekend, allmost there… more practice needed, national championships tying event is coming this spring again trying to get higher than last time 7th place and try to hold on the trophy what i got from highest scoring fly from last event..

Hook, Fullingmill #10 dry fly

Tail, White microfibets

Body, Grey extra fine dry fly dupping.

Wing, Hen Pheasant

Hackle, Metz #1 dry fly neck

Dry Fly Biots Klinkhammer

Dry Fly Biots Klinkhammer

Have been tying some biot body klinhammers last few days, many different color variants available and pretty durable with glue under biots.

Hook, Kamasan b100 #10

Postwing, Gunmetal Antron Yarn

Body, Goose Biots or Turkey, put some super glue under to body and you can add some thread wraps if you like them little bit fatty. And some Small Tinsel for ribbing.

Thorax, Peacock Herl

Hackle, Metz #1 Brown dry fly neck