Streamer Kenebago Muddler

Streamer Kenebago Muddler

Streamer Kenebago Muddler

Time to tie some muddler flies so something new&old… The Hornberg meets Muddler ūüôā Saw this one on some older page of FishingWithFlies¬†and needed few smaller streamer¬†patterns, so gonna make few more…

Hook, Daiichi 0605 size 6

Body, Flat gold tinsel

Underwing, Yellow bucktail

Wings, Mallard Drake, 1 feather both sides.

Head, Muddler Deer

Wet Fly Saxon Deceiver

Wet Fly Saxon Deceiver

Wet Fly Saxon Deceiver

Something nymph/pupa style sinker fly, found from Pinterest this Saxon Deceiver named fly and here is my version of the fly.

Hook, Fullingmill grub #12

Tail/Back, Moose main

Body, Hare+ with some antron

Legs, Ends of the moose from back side cut to the length

Head, Black hare or Black tungsten.

Wet Fly FireTiger

Wet Fly Firetiger

Wet Fly FireTiger

Something free styling for this evening, “FireTiger”

Hook, Kumho long #8

Tail&Body, Pheasant tail orange

Ribbing, Small oval copper

Wing, Dyed pheasant wing quill, not sure but maybe

Head, Orange deer hair

Wet Fly Butcher

Wet fly Butcher

Wet Fly Butcher

Something classic for this time, Butcher wet fly littlebit variant. Tied few extra for my own box and in few different sizes.

Hook, Mustad #10

Thread, Black

Tail, Red Goose

Body, Silver flat tinsel, this one missing the ribbing what would be oval silver.

Hackle, Bleached Black hen

Wing, Mallard blue wing feathers

Streamers Surface Bait Fish

Streamers Surface Bait Fish (Surffilauta)

Lots of tying lately and here is some for those big brown trouts, easy to tie and easy to make variants with different colors and sizes. When the trouts are hitting these big flies on the top of water the fishing is at the best! This will work same as the Poppers lures, just skate on the surface and hope some of the trouts are hungry.

Hook, Kamasan b800 #4, any streamer/large hook will do fine.

Tail, Silver ice wing, doubled to make base for foam

Back, 2/3mm foam, tied on back and front.

Body, 2/3 Silver ice wing, dubbing loop pick some of them out when you are done.

Front body, Black ice wing, dub and pick some of them.

You can add the eye if you want with superglue, will work without the eye too.

Finnish Fly Tying Championship 2016

Finnish Fly Tying Championship 2016

Last weekend there was Finnish Fly Tying Championship 2016 event at Helsinki, first tying event that i attended. There was 3 competetion in same day Junior, General and Salmon. So i tied in General competition, 4 flies in 3 hours, first was Greenwell’s Glory(Dry), second Kingfish Butcher(Wet), third Whitlock’s Sculpin and fourth was creative fly(to make pupa with few new materials and all materials from other flies).

In contest i placed 7 of 22 and the first fly Greenwell’s Glory got selected best fly of the event!¬†(Scores)(Points) With highest points 90/100, so here is the winning fly Greenwell’s Glory that i tied in home after the event(there was rule that you can’t use your phone to take photos on the event, so there is no pictures from that winning fly..) – SUKL

Greenwell’s Glory Dry Fly

Hook, Kamasan b170 #10

Tail, Brown Cock

Body, Yellow Silk

Ribbing,  Small Yellow Wire

Wing,  Pheasant

Hackle, Brown Cock Cape


Black Puppeli Streamer

Black Puppeli Streamer

Something new something old, easy to tie and looks good for my eye.

Hook, Kamasan b800 size #4

Tail, Silver Ice Wing

Body, Black wool, ribbing braid silver

Throat, Red Wool

Wing, Black fox, Polar Wind Ice Wing, Black Templedog/Black Fox

Head, Black Pseudo Marabou double down on the top

Dry Fly Small Black Stoneflies (Koskikorento)

Dry Fly Small Black Stonefly (Koskikorento, Sumukorento)

Small black dry fly for first hatch that is out in here Finland, coming soon!! There are few patterns for this small stoneflies, and here is one of new dry fly pattern tied by me.

Hook, Kamasan b810 #14

Thread, Dohihku Black

Body, Black Dry fly dubbing

Wing, White foam, cut to angle

Thorax, Black ostrich, few wraps.

Hackle, Black Cock, Whiting Hebert


Dry Fly Henrys Fork Caddis

Dry Fly Henrys Fork Caddis

Some dry fly pattern from US (i think) Henry’s Fork Caddis, thinking to do in black body color too for spring hatches.

Hook, Kamasan b400 #12

Thread, Dohiku Black

Body, Green Goose Biots

Wing, 2x Natural CDC + Partridge feather

Throrax, Peacock Herl hackled with Grizzly Saddle


Wet Fly Peacock Woolly Worm

Wet Fly Peacock Woolly Worm

Little bit something new for me, think this fly pattern is more know in US than here in Europe, Woolly Worm with peacock body. Think gonna bomb the deep parts of rivers with this pattern, and gonna do with few different color variants too.

Hook, Fullingmill #8 Long

Thread, Dohiku Black

Tail, Red Marabou

Under body, Lead 0.2, all the way. I like to use some UV-glue so the weight wont move anywhere!

Body, 5-6 Peacock herl

Ribbing, Bronze wire.

Hackle, Grizzly Cock – front to back, i used some extra large dry fly saddle feathers than i don’t¬†use on dry flies.