Dry Fly Winged Grey

Dry Fly Winged Grey

Some winged dry fly that i tied last weekend, allmost there… more practice needed, national championships tying event is coming this spring again trying to get higher than last time 7th place and try to hold on the trophy what i got from highest scoring fly from last event..

Hook, Fullingmill #10 dry fly

Tail, White microfibets

Body, Grey extra fine dry fly dupping.

Wing, Hen Pheasant

Hackle, Metz #1 dry fly neck

Dry Fly Biots Klinkhammer

Dry Fly Biots Klinkhammer

Have been tying some biot body klinhammers last few days, many different color variants available and pretty durable with glue under biots.

Hook, Kamasan b100 #10

Postwing, Gunmetal Antron Yarn

Body, Goose Biots or Turkey, put some super glue under to body and you can add some thread wraps if you like them little bit fatty. And some Small Tinsel for ribbing.

Thorax, Peacock Herl

Hackle, Metz #1 Brown dry fly neck



Dry Fly Hatchmaster Mayfly

Dry Fly Hatchmaster Mayfly

Jedimaster Davie McPhail made few years ago Hatchmaster Mayfly and here is some my version of this fly.

Hook, Kamasan b400 size 14

Body, Yellow superfine dub.

Tail&WING Mallard Flank yellow color, check out the hatchmaster mayfly from link above.

Body, Green CDC

Hackle, Crazy hackle 🙂 cut 2-3cm of your dry fly hackle and put it on the duppingloop and hold the stem on the middle in loop and spinspinspin and you will get hackle loop. it will not crush or bend the fibers but they will go all over…


Dry Fly Fan Wing Royal Coachman

Dry Fly Fan Wing Royal Coachman

So “fancy” dry fly version of Royal Coachman.

Hook, Mustad #10

Tail, Golden Pheasant Tippets

Body, Peacock, Red Yarn, Peacock

Wing, Small Swan feathers, can used what ever white round tipped feather.

Hackle, Brown Cascade dry hackle


Dry Fly Skater

Dry Fly Skater

Been sick, been on vacation and now back! Here is some simple dry fly pattern skating dry fly. hi on water and durable!

Hook, Mustad #10, will work 8-12 even 6.

Body, For me hi-end dry fly neck, so Metz #1

For this one i pick one new feather and one that i have used, the new feathers have darker stem and the used one from tip part have light brown stem color, it gives little bit color for body.

Dry Fly Russeflue

Dry Fly Russeflue

Something new for today, Norway bibio Russeflue. Client asked flies for hes trip for Norway to fish some arctic char and came across of this one from some Norwegian fly page. so this one is my version of it.

Hook, kamasan b810 #14

Tail, 3mm Black Foam, cutt and burned with lighter to get round

Back, 2mm Black Foam

Wings, Cree Cock

Body, Red and Black Deer spun

Head, little bit Black Hare


Dry Fly Small Black Stoneflies (Koskikorento)

Dry Fly Small Black Stonefly (Koskikorento, Sumukorento)

Small black dry fly for first hatch that is out in here Finland, coming soon!! There are few patterns for this small stoneflies, and here is one of new dry fly pattern tied by me.

Hook, Kamasan b810 #14

Thread, Dohihku Black

Body, Black Dry fly dubbing

Wing, White foam, cut to angle

Thorax, Black ostrich, few wraps.

Hackle, Black Cock, Whiting Hebert


Dry Fly Henrys Fork Caddis

Dry Fly Henrys Fork Caddis

Some dry fly pattern from US (i think) Henry’s Fork Caddis, thinking to do in black body color too for spring hatches.

Hook, Kamasan b400 #12

Thread, Dohiku Black

Body, Green Goose Biots

Wing, 2x Natural CDC + Partridge feather

Throrax, Peacock Herl hackled with Grizzly Saddle


Dry Fly Winnie the Pooh (Nallukka)

Dry Fly Winnie the Pooh (Nallukka)

Here is one of my favorite flies to tie, variant of famous Finnish dry fly Nalle Puh,Winnie the Pooh. Here is the version called Nallukka, have done some raccoon colored too, grizzly and gray…

Hook, Kamasan b175 #8

Thread, UTC Orange

Wing, Raccoon Tail Natural, fluffy under hair what you can find from stem of the tail, cut to taper so you can get better profile for body.

Body, Mix of Orange Hare and some Honey/yellow color fine dry fly dubbing

Hackle, 2x Metz #1 Dry fly Saddle, First one from back to front, second from start back of the wing and back to start, use some fine gold on ribbing so the hackle will survive more fishes!



Dry Fly Orange Parachute

Dry Fly Orange Parachute

Some new/old pattern, basic parachute fly  with some sweet orange color, i think will do few different colors/sizes for my dry fly box!

Hook, Kamasan b170 #10

Thread, Orange UTC

Tail, White Microfibets

Body, Orange UTC

Wing, Yellow Polypropylene yarn

Hackle, Metz #1 Brown Dry fly saddle