Dry Fly Orange Parachute

Dry Fly Orange Parachute

Some new/old pattern, basic parachute fly  with some sweet orange color, i think will do few different colors/sizes for my dry fly box!

Hook, Kamasan b170 #10

Thread, Orange UTC

Tail, White Microfibets

Body, Orange UTC

Wing, Yellow Polypropylene yarn

Hackle, Metz #1 Brown Dry fly saddle

Dry Fly Europa 12


Dry Fly Europa 12 Variant

Some “old” dry fly pattern Europa 12  with little bit variant with brown mallard neck/back feather on wing. Great fly for Finnish summer for trout and graylings!

Hook kamasan b400 #12

Thread Dohiku 7/0 black

Tail&body, pheasent with small gold wire on ribbing

Wing, brown mallard feather from back/neck part of skin

Hackle, Metz #1 Brown saddle feather.


Dry Fly Europa 12

Dry Fly Europa 12

Great old dry fly pattern E12 is one of the flies that you should keep every fly box 🙂 And here is my variant of this great fly.

Hook, Fulling Mill #12

Thread, Dohiku Yellow 7/0

Tail, Pheasant tail.

Body, Pheasant tail and ribbing with small gold wire.

Wing, Widgeon Duck.

Hackle, Metz Brown dry fly saddle.


Dry Fly Goddard Caddis

Dry Fly Goddard Caddis

Here is one old favorite dry fly pattenr Goddard Caddis, working well for trout and grayling. You can cut the hair with razor blades i use only my sharp scissors.

Hook, Fulling Mill short #10

Thread: Dohiku Brown 7/0

Body, Deer, shorter belly hair.

Hackle, Brown Metz grade #1

Head: 2 Moose hair.

Dry Fly Quill Gordon

Dry Fly Quill Gordon

Here is one dry fly pattern again, Quill Gordon tied by me. Gonna tie few more of this pattern to my dry fly box, and will do few different colors as well.

Thread, Dohiku White

Hook, Fulling Mill short #10

Tail, Microfibbets Dun

Body, Natural Peacock Quill

Wing, Teal Drake

Hackle, Keough Grizzly #1 Dry Fly Hackle.

Dry Fly Emerger Turkey & CDC

Dry Fly Emerger Turkey & CDC

Here is something new and will be tested this summer in somewhere in norther part of Finland.

Hook, Fulling Mill #12 Living Larva

Thread, Dohiku 7/0 Black

Body, Turkey tail with copper ribbing.

Thorax/Front, Brown olive dry fly dubbing and some green/olive hare over it.

Wing, Natural CDC.

Dry Fly Small Yellow Parachute

Dry Fly Small Yellow Parachute

Small little yellow fly, easy to make what ever color and will work well on smaller streams. Will make few other colors too, grey, green, brown, white and for #14 size hooks as well.

Hook, #12 Kamasan B170

Thread, Dohiku 7/0 White

Tail, Brown Hackle

Body, Hends SuperFine dry fly dubbing, for this yellow.

Wing, Parachute with White Polypropylene Yarn and hackle Brown Metz #1

Dry Fly Nelson’s Caddis

Dry Fly Nelson’s Caddis

One variant of Nelson’s Caddis fly, for little bit longer and bended hook. All so known as October Caddis etc.. but this is my version of this caddis fly.

Hook, Fulling Mill #14 Living Larva

Thread, Dohiku Black

Body back end, Green Antron

Body, Super Dry Fly Green Caddis

Wing, Comparadun Deer Hair

Hackle, Metz Brown Saddle Hackle.

Dry Fly Dyret The Animal

Dry Fly Dyret The Animal

One new(to me) dry fly pattern from Norway, easy and fast to tie up and maybe this thing will catch some graylings and trouts in this summer.

Hook, short #12

Thread, Vevus Brown

Tail, Comparadun Hair from Deer, going from tail to front.

Hackle, Howard Hackle Grizzly Saddle, cut the hackle under the body.

Body, Brown Super Fine Dry Fly dubbing, i have tied green, olive and amber so you can change that what ever you like.