Streamers Small Baitfish

Streamers Small Baitfish

Been super busy with the new web shop and have done lost of tying and sold lots of flies since i started my own company last month. Here is some of new patterns for small streamers bait fish and some perch patterns. Bought huge load of tying materials from great selection of all materials with great price!

Hook, Mustad r90 3x strong size 6

Tail, Cock feathers, for perch i used some green coq de leon cape and for other some grizzly.

Body part, stacks of BG polar flash and BG Baitfish dubbing, top and bottom. Top part longer and bottom shorter so the bottom hairs wont tangle on the hook.

Head, uv-glue and some small eyes.

Streamer Kenebago Muddler

Streamer Kenebago Muddler

Streamer Kenebago Muddler

Time to tie some muddler flies so something new&old… The Hornberg meets Muddler 🙂 Saw this one on some older page of FishingWithFlies and needed few smaller streamer patterns, so gonna make few more…

Hook, Daiichi 0605 size 6

Body, Flat gold tinsel

Underwing, Yellow bucktail

Wings, Mallard Drake, 1 feather both sides.

Head, Muddler Deer

Streamers Surface Bait Fish

Streamers Surface Bait Fish (Surffilauta)

Lots of tying lately and here is some for those big brown trouts, easy to tie and easy to make variants with different colors and sizes. When the trouts are hitting these big flies on the top of water the fishing is at the best! This will work same as the Poppers lures, just skate on the surface and hope some of the trouts are hungry.

Hook, Kamasan b800 #4, any streamer/large hook will do fine.

Tail, Silver ice wing, doubled to make base for foam

Back, 2/3mm foam, tied on back and front.

Body, 2/3 Silver ice wing, dubbing loop pick some of them out when you are done.

Front body, Black ice wing, dub and pick some of them.

You can add the eye if you want with superglue, will work without the eye too.

Black Puppeli Streamer

Black Puppeli Streamer

Something new something old, easy to tie and looks good for my eye.

Hook, Kamasan b800 size #4

Tail, Silver Ice Wing

Body, Black wool, ribbing braid silver

Throat, Red Wool

Wing, Black fox, Polar Wind Ice Wing, Black Templedog/Black Fox

Head, Black Pseudo Marabou double down on the top

Streamer Little Sparkly Minnow (Liima Kiilusilmä)

Streamer Sparkly Minnow (Liima Kiilusilmä)

Something new, looked the some times ago TheFeatherBender blogs and he have have tied some glue streamers, so here is my Little Sparkly Minnow (Liima Kiilusilmä)

Hook, Kamasan b175 #8

Thread, Dohiku Black/UNI Red

Body, Pearl Crystal flash strands, twisted over the hook shank, glued down with UV-glue. Leave some space on head!

Wing, Zonker, i have used some Easter Europe Nutria(says ebay…..) will tie some of them with different color rabbit zonker .

Head, Flat silver 3mm eyes and UV-glue to keep all together!

Wet Fly Streamer Cypert Minnow

Wet Fly Cypert Minnow

American pattern that i have looked sometimes ago but never made, so here is my take of this pattern, maybe i will catch few perch when the spring comes with these badboys…

Hook, Kamasan b830 classic long #10

Thread, Dohiku White

Body, Cactus Chenil, pearl and green&yellow for other, weight i have used bead chain for eyes.

Top/Under, Mylar tube, make body first then attach the mylar tube on back and bring mylar tube from back to front push the hook eye through and attach the other end under side.

Streamer Bait Fish (Haili)

Streamer Bait Fish (Haili)

This bait fish is fast and easy to tie, will work well with sea trout. You can change the color scheme of this fly easy!


Hooks, Daiichi 2220 #6

Thread, Textreme Twisted White.

Tail, White Marabou, Crystal Flash, Pink Angel Hair.

Body, Pink&Red Mylar Tubing

Wing, White Marabou, Pink Angel Hair.