Bling Damsel Nymph

Bling Damsel Nymph

Been while again, buts something new proto this time, blingbling damsel with large eyes and some extended body.

Hook, kamasan b100 #10

Eyes black bead chain

Extended tail/body, Hends Spectral flash, tied on needle with 3 spots of thread so it will hold the shape(added some super glue on the thread spots)

Body, some Hare dubbing

Head, extra from extended body to front and back to behind eyes where fly is finished.

Wet Fly Sumari Nymph

Wet Fly Sumari Nymph

Have been super busy with all orders and stuff… but here is one of latest Sumari nymph first hatch on here north every spring and this one is nymph of that… and next need to start training for upcoming fly tying event, next moth there will be the Finnish fly tying championship event again.

Hook, kamasan b810 #14

Tail, Wood Grouse, capercaillie.

Body, BG Body Stretch twisted twisted and twisted it gives nice segmented look.

Back, Pheasant tail.

Legs, goose biots, littlebit uv glue to keep those bends.

Front body, brown dubbing.

Head, same as tail.


Wet Fly Blue Dun Soft Hackle

Wet Fly Blue Dun Soft Hackle

Got new materials from UK, some soft hackles and here is first taste of the hackles.

Hook, kamasan b170 #10

Thread, Vevus Wine

Body, Dun/Grey antron yarn

Hackle, Dun Hen


and here is few pics of the hackles from Ollys Hackle at Ebay


Wet Fly Trashpile Caddis

Wet Fly Trashpile Caddis

Something… something cased caddis / peeping caddis. made from deer hair and made for jigstyle.

Hook, Akita long and curved #10

Tail, Green Chenille and some cock hackle

Body, Dubbing loop, what ever kind of deer hair you like, for me brown black and natural

And how to make “Jigstyle” mono line and tungsten, burn the end of mono and thread the bead, put this on back side of fly so it will turn over and will work like jighook.

Wet Fly Bead Head Bomber

Wet Fly Bead Head Bomber

Some bead nymph from Youtube! Great vid. by Ruben Martin @BeadHeadBomber. And here is my version of this fly, all ready catch some fish with it last weekend 🙂 I think i’m gonna tie few with bronze bead too. And i think my trusted old Canon 1000d is dying on me, hard to get anything sharp anymore and the pc connection is rubbish..

Hook, Mustad #10

Bead, Golden Tungsten

Tail, Golden Pheasant, Glo-brite Red

Body, Peacock

Hackle, Grizzly Whiting Hen

Wet Fly Squirmy Worm

Wet Fly Squirmy Worm

Some wormie incoming! Great David Hise pattern Squirmy Worm with little twist, fished yesterday with the bead version and though that i need tie some light version of this fly for side fly. so here is Squirmy Worm with only little weight from wire, and wire won’t cut the worm silicon so easily. Easy to tie and i think this will last long, hope so…

Hook, kamasan b110 #14

Thread, Uni 8/0 red

Wire and Squirmy worm silicon.

And if you have wire on your bobbins you can skip the normal thread, just use small drop of superglue or uv-glue when you make the head part and cut the wire.

Wet Fly Small Black Hotback Nymph

Wet Fly Small Black Hotback Nymph

Durable little nymph, easy to tie and can be varied so many different colors, will give it to some fishing time this summer in Lapland trip!

Hook: Small long shank, for me some old mustad #14

Weight, Tungsten

Tail, Black Cock feather

Body, bulk up with some black thread and Uni-Flexx with some small caps, you can add some uv-glue if you want really harden this thing up.

Thorax, for cover Red Goose Biots and dubbing some black for me Black Hare +


This one is available in my store! SMALLBLACKHOTBACKNYMPH@SHOP


Wet Fly Saxon Deceiver

Wet Fly Saxon Deceiver

Wet Fly Saxon Deceiver

Something nymph/pupa style sinker fly, found from Pinterest this Saxon Deceiver named fly and here is my version of the fly.

Hook, Fullingmill grub #12

Tail/Back, Moose main

Body, Hare+ with some antron

Legs, Ends of the moose from back side cut to the length

Head, Black hare or Black tungsten.

Wet Fly FireTiger

Wet Fly Firetiger

Wet Fly FireTiger

Something free styling for this evening, “FireTiger”

Hook, Kumho long #8

Tail&Body, Pheasant tail orange

Ribbing, Small oval copper

Wing, Dyed pheasant wing quill, not sure but maybe

Head, Orange deer hair