Wet Fly Butcher

Wet fly Butcher

Wet Fly Butcher

Something classic for this time, Butcher wet fly littlebit variant. Tied few extra for my own box and in few different sizes.

Hook, Mustad #10

Thread, Black

Tail, Red Goose

Body, Silver flat tinsel, this one missing the ribbing what would be oval silver.

Hackle, Bleached Black hen

Wing, Mallard blue wing feathers

Wet Fly Peacock Woolly Worm

Wet Fly Peacock Woolly Worm

Little bit something new for me, think this fly pattern is more know in US than here in Europe, Woolly Worm with peacock body. Think gonna bomb the deep parts of rivers with this pattern, and gonna do with few different color variants too.

Hook, Fullingmill #8 Long

Thread, Dohiku Black

Tail, Red Marabou

Under body, Lead 0.2, all the way. I like to use some UV-glue so the weight wont move anywhere!

Body, 5-6 Peacock herl

Ribbing, Bronze wire.

Hackle, Grizzly Cock – front to back, i used some extra large dry fly saddle feathers than i don’t use on dry flies.


Wet Fly Leech Patterns Pink And Devil Leech


Wet Fly Leech Patterns Pink And Devil Leech

Few new leech patterns that i have tied this week! Both looks killers for me and i think they will do the work on river too 🙂

Pink Leech:

Hook Kamasan b830 #10 Classic long.

Thread, Black Dohiku

Tail, Pink Turkey Marabou

Body, Ice Wing Fiber Pink done with dupping loop

Weight, Brass on head and 7-8 wraps of lead, this will go to bottom and fast.

Devil Leech( Devil Liitsi ):

Hook, Kamasan b830 #10 classic long.

Thread, Black Dohiku

Tail, What ever color you like, for me purple + black and you can add some flash there too.

Body, Wool+Seal both black, you can use black hare too…

Back, Goose Biots, what ever you like, for black red is cool and for purple i like to put some purple biots-

Weight, Brass on head and 7-8 wraps of lead.



Wet Fly Black Pennell

Wet Fly Black Pennell

Here is one of the old patterns for wet fly box. Working well in many different size, this one is for strong #8 you can use anything from #6 to #14, mostly tied on 8-12 size hooks. Brush the body.

Thread, Dohiku Black 7/0

Hook, Kamasan B175 #8

Tail, Few Tippets

Ribbing and End of hook, Flat Holo Silver.

Body, Black Seal

Hackle, Black Hen.

Nymph Special

Nymph Special

Here is two nymph patterns that i have tied, both are pretty easy to tie and will get some fish.

Brown MayFly Nymph

Hook, Fullingmill #10.

Thread, Uni black 8/0.

Tail, 3x Moose body hair.

Back  Body, part brown antron with gold wire ribbing.

Front Body, On top pheasant for cap part and natural hen under it for legs, dubbed with black fox dubbing.


Brown Hare’s Ear Nymph

Hook, short #10.

Thread, Uni black 8/0.

Tail, Hare’s mask longger hair.

Body, Brown/rusty colored hare’s mask and ear.

Front, Black fox and gold bead.

Wet Fly Pink Shrimp

Wet Fly Pink Shrimp

Here is one of my little Pink Shrimp, easy and fast to tie. This one is lead weighted over the hook.

Hook, #8 Kamasan B175

Thread, Textreme Twisted White

Tail, (Mouth part) from bottom to up, Flashabou, Mallard and Partridge, to give some point to the mouth part.

Body, Add some shrimp eyes to back, eyes what i have used on this are from monofil line and black varnish. Body dubbing, Own dubbing blend made from pink and pearl colored wool. Done with dubbing loop to give some transparency to this fly.