Salmon Fly Fox Sarvijaakko

Salmon Fly Fox Sarvijaakko

Here is step by step guide for variant Sarvijaakko salmon fly, there is lots of different variants of this fly and here is one tied by me. You can modify this recipe, you can make this fly on single or triple hooks and use other duppings and wings.

Hook, 8# double

Thread, Black uni thread 8/0

Hotspot, Glo-Brite orange

Tail, White Fox

Body, Black Fox dupping, black/brown hen hackle

Ribbing, Silver Wire

Wing, Brown/orange Fox and White Fox

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ville haukka

Been fishing for long time and first time tried out fly tying when i was 13y old, after that took long break and started again few years ago. Posting about fly fishing and tying on this site and there will be some pics from my fishing trips from north of Finland in Lapland.