Dry Fly Biots Klinkhammer

Dry Fly Biots Klinkhammer

Have been tying some biot body klinhammers last few days, many different color variants available and pretty durable with glue under biots.

Hook, Kamasan b100 #10

Postwing, Gunmetal Antron Yarn

Body, Goose Biots or Turkey, put some super glue under to body and you can add some thread wraps if you like them little bit fatty. And some Small Tinsel for ribbing.

Thorax, Peacock Herl

Hackle, Metz #1 Brown dry fly neck



Dry Fly Hatchmaster Mayfly

Dry Fly Hatchmaster Mayfly

Jedimaster Davie McPhail made few years ago Hatchmaster Mayfly and here is some my version of this fly.

Hook, Kamasan b400 size 14

Body, Yellow superfine dub.

Tail&WING Mallard Flank yellow color, check out the hatchmaster mayfly from link above.

Body, Green CDC

Hackle, Crazy hackle šŸ™‚ cut 2-3cm of your dry fly hackle and put it on the duppingloop and hold the stem on the middle in loop and spinspinspin and you will get hackle loop. it will not crush or bend the fibers but they will go all over…


Dry Fly Russeflue

Dry Fly Russeflue

Something new for today, Norway bibio Russeflue. Client asked flies for hes trip for Norway to fish someĀ arctic char and came across of this one from some Norwegian fly page. so this one is my version of it.

Hook, kamasan b810 #14

Tail, 3mm Black Foam, cutt and burned with lighter to get round

Back, 2mm Black Foam

Wings, Cree Cock

Body, Red and Black Deer spun

Head, little bit BlackĀ Hare