Streamer Kenebago Muddler

Streamer Kenebago Muddler

Streamer Kenebago Muddler

Time to tie some muddler flies so something new&old… The Hornberg meets Muddler 🙂 Saw this one on some older page of FishingWithFlies and needed few smaller streamer patterns, so gonna make few more…

Hook, Daiichi 0605 size 6

Body, Flat gold tinsel

Underwing, Yellow bucktail

Wings, Mallard Drake, 1 feather both sides.

Head, Muddler Deer

Wet Fly FireTiger

Wet Fly Firetiger

Wet Fly FireTiger

Something free styling for this evening, “FireTiger”

Hook, Kumho long #8

Tail&Body, Pheasant tail orange

Ribbing, Small oval copper

Wing, Dyed pheasant wing quill, not sure but maybe

Head, Orange deer hair