Wet Fly Bead Head Bomber

Wet Fly Bead Head Bomber

Some bead nymph from Youtube! Great vid. by Ruben Martin @BeadHeadBomber. And here is my version of this fly, all ready catch some fish with it last weekend 🙂 I think i’m gonna tie few with bronze bead too. And i think my trusted old Canon 1000d is dying on me, hard to get anything sharp anymore and the pc connection is rubbish..

Hook, Mustad #10

Bead, Golden Tungsten

Tail, Golden Pheasant, Glo-brite Red

Body, Peacock

Hackle, Grizzly Whiting Hen

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ville haukka

Been fishing for long time and first time tried out fly tying when i was 13y old, after that took long break and started again few years ago. Posting about fly fishing and tying on this site and there will be some pics from my fishing trips from north of Finland in Lapland.