Wet Fly Peacock Woolly Worm

Wet Fly Peacock Woolly Worm

Little bit something new for me, think this fly pattern is more know in US than here in Europe, Woolly Worm with peacock body. Think gonna bomb the deep parts of rivers with this pattern, and gonna do with few different color variants too.

Hook, Fullingmill #8 Long

Thread, Dohiku Black

Tail, Red Marabou

Under body, Lead 0.2, all the way. I like to use some UV-glue so the weight wont move anywhere!

Body, 5-6 Peacock herl

Ribbing, Bronze wire.

Hackle, Grizzly Cock – front to back, i used some extra large dry fly saddle feathers than i don’t use on dry flies.


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ville haukka

Been fishing for long time and first time tried out fly tying when i was 13y old, after that took long break and started again few years ago. Posting about fly fishing and tying on this site and there will be some pics from my fishing trips from north of Finland in Lapland.