Wet Fly Trashpile Caddis

Wet Fly Trashpile Caddis

Something… something cased caddis / peeping caddis. made from deer hair and made for jigstyle.

Hook, Akita long and curved #10

Tail, Green Chenille and some cock hackle

Body, Dubbing loop, what ever kind of deer hair you like, for me brown black and natural

And how to make “Jigstyle” mono line and tungsten, burn the end of mono and thread the bead, put this on back side of fly so it will turn over and will work like jighook.

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ville haukka

Been fishing for long time and first time tried out fly tying when i was 13y old, after that took long break and started again few years ago. Posting about fly fishing and tying on this site and there will be some pics from my fishing trips from north of Finland in Lapland.